Isaiah, the Fifth Gospel

Deliverance and Healing in Isaiah

How to Read this (lengthy) Meditation

If you like this piece that started as a personal journal entry, you may want to skip around, perhaps starting with Isaiah 30, which is the chapter that inspired this meditation. The meditation isn’t written with a beginning, middle, and end. It instead says something like, “Oh, not only back there, but here again is similar good news, worded a bit differently, another facet on the diamond.” Each facet stands on its own and can be read in any sequence.

A Note on the Violence of God in Isaiah

If one assumes scriptures (the “Bible”) are inspired by God, the question arises: does every statement in the scriptures provide an equally accurate description of the nature and character of God? While religious fundamentalists are taught to say “yes,” that approach is fraught with problems (both moral and intellectual).
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